Dog Tornado
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Dog Tornado

Treats with a twist

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    Filling the bay with treats

    Filling the bay with treats

    Play with your pets and give their brain a bit of a workout at the same time with the Dog Tornado. Just load the compartments with your dog’s (or cat’s, for that matter) favourite treats. To give them a head-start let them see you do it. Then twist the stack closed, sealing the treats away.

    It’s then up to your clever pet (with a little help from you) to work out how to paw open the stack and get to their tasty reward. Add an extra level of difficulty by covering some compartments with the white mini-bones. These will have to be removed before the treats can be eaten.

    Dog playing

    Who's a clever boy?!

    Is your puppy a bit hyperactive? Teach it the value of patience by taking the game away every time they try to bite it, or get overexcited. It’s a brilliant way to bond and spend quality time with your best friend.

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