Dog Maze Food Bowl
  • Dog Maze Food Bowl

Dog Maze Food Bowl

Guide those treats to freedom-nom-nom

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    It’s no surprise we use ‘wolf’ to describe eating quickly. At the rate dogs eat, it’s a surprise they don’t get friction burns on their uvulae. Well we’ve found a nifty way to slow them down a bit and make mealtime fun.

    Available in three colours:
    Dog Maze Food Bowl




    The Dog Maze Food Bowl makes playing with your dinner a spectator sport. Simply drop Fido’s favourite treats into this simple labyrinth of channels and watch as they slowly work them out with their freakishly long tongues. It’s fun for you, fun for them, boosts their problem-solving skills and slows down their food intake. There’s even a grippy base in case they try to flip the whole thing over. Now if only they made one of these for kids...

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