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    Filling the shelves with treats

    Fill the shelves with treats!

    They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; and that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well the makers of the Dog Casino aren’t going to let a bunch of old proverbs get in the way of a good time. This ingenious puzzle game is great for boy dogs, girl dogs, old dogs or young dogs – and is pretty fun for people too!

    Simply load the sliding trays with your dog’s favourite nibbles (give them a clue by letting them watch) and then push them into the Dog Casino. It’s then up to your clever canine to pull the trays out with their paws and enjoy the tasty morsels inside.

    Bone peg

    Nifty bone pegs

    Once they’ve learned how to open the trays it’s up to you to make the game more bamboozling. Only load some of the trays or for a really baffling twist, bring in the pegs! The bone-shaped pegs will lock the trays closed, so your dog will have to learn to remove them before pawing-out the trays.

    Above view
    Used under your supervision, it’s a great way to play with your pooch and give their brain a bit of a workout at the same time. Got a slightly hyperactive puppy? Teach it the benefits of patience by removing the game every time they try to chew it, or paw it too hard. So don your best collar and brush off your tux; it’s time to for you and your best friend to clean up!

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