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Dodge Raminator Monster Truck
  • Dodge Raminator Monster Truck

Dodge Raminator Monster Truck

YÂ’all will lurve this mucho massive pick-up

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    Monster trucks are all the rage in the US. In fact, the live Monster Jam Show packs out enormodome-style venues across the States. But it's south of the Mason-Dixon Line that monster truck shows are particularly, well, monster. These butt-kickin' spectaculars are thrillfests of donuts, skids and humungous spare tyres –and that's just the audience! What's more, the trucks themselves are superstars in their own right with outrageous names such as Grave Digger, Bulldozer, Wild Thang and Bigfoot. Yes siree Bob, monster trucking is one of the rootin-ist, tootin-ist motorsports around.

    Dodge Raminator: look at the size of it!

    What a beast!

    And now, thanks to your good buddies at Firebox, y'all can enjoy the excitement of driving one of these gigantic pick-ups without travelling to the land of grits and gravy. Because let's face it, unless your name is Chris Eubank, driving a vehicle this big in the li'l ole Rest of the World is dumber than rasslin' gators.

    Dodge Raminator: suspension

    Beefy suspension

    Thankfully, the awesome 4x4 Dodge Raminator can be driven almost anywhere, as it is a gorgeous 1:6 scale RC version of the real thang. This mucho macho beast is perfect for use in the park, garden or nearest outdoor space. Indoor use is possible but you'd need to be dumber than a can of rocks to try it, as this ve-hicle is crazier than a steer in a china shop.

    Dodge Raminator: engine detail

    Engine details

    The Raminator is seriously realistic and features monstrous oversized tyres, glaring hood lights and a highly detailed exposed engine. What's more it drives like a dawg-gone dream, and boasts a handy gear switch for high-speed cruising/steep inclines. You control all the action with a chunky handheld transmitter that also operates the Raminator's raucous array of realistic sound FX.

    Dodge Raminator: remote


    Power comes via a 9.6V NiMH rechargeable battery and 6 x AA batteries (included). A 3-4 hour charge gives approximately 25-35 mins running time – more than enough for a 4X4 hot-diggity-doo around the park. So listen up; the Dodge Raminator is one of the most impressive RC vehicles we've seen in ages. In fact, we'll be plum horn-swoggled if it don't race off the shelves faster than a greased thunderbolt! So c'mon good buddy, reach for your greenbacks and git ordering. Ain't that a deal!

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