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Doctor Who TARDIS Wardrobe
  • Doctor Who TARDIS Wardrobe

Doctor Who TARDIS Wardrobe

Call the Fashion Police!

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    T-shirt hanging inside the Doctor Who TARDIS Wardrobe

    oh, no Amy inside then?

    Never mind saving the Universe from weekly peril, the Doctor Who TARDIS Wardrobe lets you sort out more pressing issues – like where to hang your parka in the summer.

    When you think about it though, what is a wardrobe but a way to journey through time and space through the medium of fashion? Where snowboarding thermals from your trip to the Alpes rub shoulders with skimpy beachware from your Bali beach holiday. Snowy peaks to coral reefs in an instant? Now that’s travelling like the Doctor!

    Man inside the wadrobe

    Great for kids to play in... adults will have to crouch!

    Alright, we might have overthought this a bit. But this simple canvas-effect cupboard is enough to bring out the eccentric chin-stroking Timelord in all of us. Use it as your day to day clothes rail or keep it empty for the kids to play in. Although it’s sadly the same size on the inside as it is on the outside, it’ll be sure to brighten any room (and lighten your clothes rails).

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