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Doctor Who TARDIS Cutout
  • Doctor Who TARDIS Cutout

Doctor Who TARDIS Cutout

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    Where would everyone’s favourite Timelord be without his TARDIS? Or should we say “the” TARDIS, since it’s not his, he stole it. Or did he steal it? Perhaps it stole him... it’s all very confusing, but the fact is the Doctor and the TARDIS go together like a Dalek and a bonkers plan to destroy mankind.

    So it’s no surprise that Who fans have been clamouring for a TARDIS of their very own. Well, while we work the bugs out of our prototype, why not grab yourself a Doctor Who TARDIS Cutout. Life-sized and printed in high quality this freestanding cardboard cutout makes a great impression in any room. A must for any fan of the series – regardless of your favourite doctor – the TARDIS is the one constant in the ever-changing Whoniverse.

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