Doctor Who Plush TARDIS
  • Doctor Who Plush TARDIS

Doctor Who Plush TARDIS

Time And Relative Dimension In Squish

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    Surely one of the most iconic objects in sci-fi history, the TARDIS is an ingenious product of Time Lord technology. But pretend Gallifreyan time/space machines aren’t usually squishy. Enter (or should that be materialise?) the Doctor Who Plush TARDIS.

    Soft and strangely cute, this plush police box features a working lamp for sub-duvet adventures. Better still that unmistakable dematerialisation ‘vworp, vworp’ sound starts sawing away at your lugholes every time you give it a squeeze.

    Yes, we realise hugging an obsolete Type 40 TARDIS with a jammed chameleon circuit sounds pretty geeky but genuine Who fans will be more concerned about imminent Dalek invasion. And before you ask, no, it isn’t bigger on the inside.

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