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    Launching the ball

    Launching the ball!

    The age-old game of throw and catch has just had a jazzy overhaul. Complete with a new name that’s loopier than a dog in a sprinkler, Djubi (pronounced joo-bee) is coming to an outdoor space near you.

    The two space-age looking racquets double as both launchers and catchers. The elastic strap of the djubi (or ball) hooks over a strategically-placed notch on the racquet, ready to be pulled back and fired up to a staggering 100ft. Once you’ve sent the djubi flying, it’s your opponent’s job to safely catch it in the ample net of their raquet. Simple to pick up, impossible to put down!

    Spare balls

    Spare balls

    Djubi spares:

    Despite being bright orange, these elasticated doodahs are so incredibly twangable we wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up accidentally launched into trees, onto neighbouring roofs, or just clear over the horizon. Fear not though, because this handy pack of spares will mean you never need to interrupt your afternoon’s djubing to go knocking on neighbours’ doors. Game on!

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