Dive to the Titanic
  • Dive to the Titanic

Dive to the Titanic

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Atlantic Ocean
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    Today, the Titanic story stands as modern myth: a luxurious dream ship brimming with the Gilded Age's celebrities and its steerage class; a technological wonder so sophisticated, so sound, as to be deemed invulnerable. Add to that the tragic elements of human error and the inexorable power of Nature and the tale of Titanic, with its myriad stories of heartbreak and heroism, becomes a poignant chapter in humanity's collective history. Now you can behold that history.

    Operation Titanic is an epic 12-day adventure to the world's most famous shipwreck. From a research vessel in the remote North Atlantic, descend 2 miles to the ocean floor inside high-tech submersibles. Circumnavigate the massive hull, view the bridge, bow, grand staircase, propellers. See firsthand what few have only imagined.

    Highlights of your Expedition include:

    • Accommodation aboard the scientific research vessel, Akademik Keldysh.
    • Lectures and briefings by a host of eminent underwater and deep-ocean experts.
    • A dive to the wreckage aboard the MIR I and MIR II submersibles, used in the filming of James Cameron's Titanic.
    • Participation in ongoing deep-ocean research.
    • A videotape capturing your dive and the wonders of the Titanic.


    • Day 1 Arrive St. John's, Newfoundland. Orientation briefing.
    • Day 2 morning departure.
    • Day 3/4 Arrive 368 miles SE of Newfoundland at Titanic wreck site.
    • Days 5 - 9 Aboard the scientifc research vessel. Non dive days: Lectures, briefings, research, socializing. Dive day: Briefing by Expedition Leader followed by deep dive to Titanic. Debriefing, Russian sauna, celebration.
    • Day 10 Depart Titanic dive site.
    • Day 11 At sea.
    • Day 12 Arrive St. John's or St. Pierre. Fly home.
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