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Disney Princess Face Masks
  • Disney Princess Face Masks
  • Disney Princess Face Masks
  • Disney Princess Face Masks
  • Disney Princess Face Masks
  • Disney Princess Face Masks
  • Disney Princess Face Masks

Disney Princess Face Masks


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Disney Princess Face Masks
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Love it as much as we do?
  • For a face like a 2D animated fictional princess
  • In other words, FLAWLESS
  • Choose from four different masks, packed full of natural, skin-friendly ingredients
  • Themed after Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine and Belle
  • They make you look like a Disney princess in more ways than one...


Long for the unrealistically consistently flawless complexion of Disney’s leading ladies? Don’t we all. A wannabe princess can dream - and recruit a little help from this perfection mask-imising quad.

Gently unfurl the satin ribbon and feast your eyes on the pastel delights within. Four face masks lie at your disposal. Your majesty, take your pick from the royal variety, including:
  • Princess Aurora’s True Love’s Kiss - with calming lavender to soothe your hard-working face
  • Princess Ariel’s Jewel of the Sea - infused with cucumber to cool, hydrate and add a splash of moisturise
  • Princess Jasmine’s A Whole New World - filled with green tea antioxidants to refresh and revitalise
  • Princess Belle’s Enchanted Rose - with rose water to impart a healthy glow
The best bit? Other than your new stunningly perfect skin, of course. Each of these masks actually has the corresponding Disney princess on it - for as long as you wear that mask, you ARE that princess. Cosplaying on another level. Maybe don’t wear them out to Disneyland though, you might get some funny looks.

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16 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "These were a hit! Got them as a gift for a Disney/self-care loving friend and she loves them!"
    - 27th of May, 2020
  • "The perfect little self care treat. This product is amazing and perfect for those with sensetive skin. "
    - 21st of May, 2020
  • "Very cute present!"
    - 22nd of January, 2020
  • "The packaging was super cute and the masks were high quality and really showed me a whole new world (shameless Disney pun) AMAZING"
    - 9th of July, 2019
  • "Also a gift, looked impressive "
    - 21st of June, 2019