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Discover USB Guitar
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Discover USB Guitar

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    rock out in your living room like your playing Brixton academy or wembley stadium

    Learn to play like a real guitar hero

    Bass is for bozos, drums are for, well, drummers, and let’s not even mention keyboards. Guitars rule. End of story. Unfortunately, achieving sonic nirvana whilst spanking your plank requires all manner of accessories, including racks of effects pedals and a whopping great stack. That’s why you need the Discover USB Guitar.

    This Strat-style six-string connects directly to your computer via USB. So far so what? Well here’s the kicker: accompanying software makes it sound like you're playing through a huge selection of high quality amps and effects boxes – from vintage valve-jobs and modern combos to phaser, wah-wah and fuzz. You can also record your efforts for posterity. Kerrang!

    Stratocaster style guitar for ultra rock coolness points

    The Discover Guitar USB is packed with authentic guitar features and is styled like a Stratocaster!

    The software is where the magic happens!

    The software has loads of features

    If all that isn’t enough to get you fiddling with your plectrum in anticipation, the Discover also comes with a step-by-step playing guide and video tutorials. You’ll be making a complete Slash of yourself in no time. So what are you waiting for? Those riffs won’t write themselves.

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