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Discover Drums
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Discover Drums

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    Loads of choice for making noise

    Select from 26 different drum sets

    Drums. They’re the most primeval, thwacktastic, gut-wrenching noisemakers on Planet Rock. They’re also incredibly cumbersome, deceptively tricky and ear-splittingly loud. So why not indulge in a bit of crash bang wallop without the attendant hassle? It’s easy with Discover Drums.

    This amazing tabletop drumkit will teach you how to knock out awesome rhythms and fills before you can say ‘polymetric ostinato’. With four touch-sensitive pads, 49 pre-programmed patterns to play along with, 26 drum kits and a built-in speaker and headphone socket, Discover Drums really are da boom. And da bash. And da crash.

    Learn to play by following the lights on the drum pads

    Follow the lights to learn patterns

    Thanks to various follow-the-light exercises, nailing rhythms on the beat is almost as entertaining as watching Tommy Lee videos (no, not that one). We’ll even throw in a pair of sticks. A-one, a-two, a-one, two, three…hit it!

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