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    Discover DJ

    Mixer controls

    Playing DJ Hero gawping at the telly is all well and good, but it’s not going to earn you many MC stripes, especially if you fancy becoming a superstar DJ. No, dear deck spinner, in order to enthral the sweating masses every time you wiggle your crossfader you need to step things up. Enter Discover DJ.

    Brought to you by the pulse-fingering boffins at Ion Audio, this high-tech plug ‘n’ play turntable transforms your computer into a full-on DJ rig. No roadies required. Simply USB it into your PC or Mac, load the accompanying software and get busy spinning, mixing, scratching, fading, looping, beat-matching, recording and gawd knows what else-ing the tunes in your digital library.
    Discover DJ

    Laid out to replicate the twin deck/mixer setup that pro DJs prefer, this smart bit of kit also boasts treble knobs, cue/sync buttons and pitch adjustments. Large touch sensitive scratch wheels add to the realism, whilst the impressive user-friendly on-screen hoopla serves as a virtual extension to the hardware. It’s got more features than a plastic surgeon’s catalogue.

    As well as all the tune-fiddling trickery you’d expect, Discover DJ also lets you beat-map your ditties and use the setup as a MIDI controller for other music apps. Whatever that means. You’ll be creating seamless mixes before you can say Ricardo Villalobos.

    Discover DJ

    Whether you’re the next Paul van Dyk preparing to take Ibiza by storm or the next Paul Danan guesting at Butlins Bognor Regis under 12s disco, Discover DJ is just the ticket. And because your iTunes library is undoubtedly enormous, you can mix tracks that vinyl-toting pros would never admit to owning, let alone packing. Calvin Harris vs Hoddle and W-w-w-waddle? Yes please!

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