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Discover DJ Pro
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Discover DJ Pro

Mix it up

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    portable and slim, carry it to parties

    Compact design, take it to parties!

    Who says you need talent to be a DJ? Not us. But that’s not because we think mixing other people’s music is a doddle (although it is a bit). It’s because we do our DJ-ing via the awesome Discover DJ Pro.

    Brought to you by the pulse-fingering boffins at Ion, this cutting-edge plug ‘n’ play turntable transforms your computer or iPod (or both) into a take-anywhere DJ rig. Touch-sensitive platters instantly react to your every movement and you can scratch, mix, loop, beatmatch and much more. It’s just like being a superstar DJ minus the money, adulation and tinnitus.

    It's a fully featured bit of kit including pitch, beat counter, cue and scratch functions

    Full DJ controls at your fingertips

    If you’re anything like us, your iPod and laptop are probably crammed with thousands of varied tunes, so just imagine the fun you’ll have creating slick mixes of your faves. ‘Yeah, Bruno Mars and that toothy moron from Glee.’

    Best of all, as well as headphones and speakers, you can plug in a microphone for party shout outs: ‘Fatboy, your mum’s outside and she says it’s way past your bedtime.’ Spin on that!

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