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Disco Beard Kit
  • Disco Beard Kit
  • Disco Beard Kit
  • Disco Beard Kit

Disco Beard Kit

Last night a DJ shaved my life

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  • Funkify your facial fuzz
  • Clip on disco balls AND colour-changing lights
  • Be the centre of attention on the dance floor
  • Serious 70s style
  • Just clip them on and you're all set!


Fancy being the life and soul of the party? Don’t bother learning how to dance or developing a personality, just get yourself a set of these.

This set is the fastest way to take your facial fuzz from desk to disco, short of necking a gallon of pornstar martini. Clip these diddy disco balls into your beard and thread the colour-changing lights in along the way. You’ll put the decorations in the club to shame. Or at least give that light-up dance floor a run for its money.

The clips are seriously easy to use and the battery for the light is super small and doesn’t get hot. Yay for safety! The only thing on fire at the disco should be your funky moves.

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  • "Added humour to my son's Christmas and his beard"
    - 26th of January, 2020