Summer Sale 2018
Disco Ball Cup
  • Disco Ball Cup
  • Disco Ball Cup

Disco Ball Cup

You should be drinkin'

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  • Transform boring parties into boogie wonderlands
  • Grab the built-in straw and spin it like an actual glitter ball
  • Holds approximately 340ml of disco juice
  • The perfect party cup and summer festival essential
  • Tight hot-pants, flairs, afros and lava lamps sold separately


Dance floors and drinks have always had a turbulent relationship. Spillages, slippages, stickiness – they've just never got on well together, until now. The Disco Ball Cup is here to put a new spin on dance floor drinking.

This shimmering silver vessel comes in two halves that screw together to form a glorious glitter ball. Just slot in the chunky built-in straw and you can do the hustle, the monkey AND the Y.M.C.A as vigorously as you like and you won't lose a drop.

Just pour in your favourite beverage or assemble a cocktail right there in the cup – to mix it up simply grab the straw, give it a twirl and watch in wonder as it gently reflects the ambient light around the room. Good times.

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