Disappearing Dinosaur Mug
  • Disappearing Dinosaur Mug

Disappearing Dinosaur Mug

Tea Rex

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  • This prehistoric drinking vessel has a surprise up its sleeve
  • Watch in awe as extinction occurs before your very eyes
  • From triassic landscape populated by fierce dinosaurs to fossils in a museum
  • A hot beverage makes eons pass before your eyes
  • Well done for killing off all the dinosaurs. We hope you're proud of yourself


That pesky Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event has been perplexing us lot (man-kind) for yonks. We've long reckoned it was something to do with asteroids being a pain in the butt causing all that sunlight-blocking dust, soot and greenhouse gases malarkey. However recently light has been shed on a new hypothesis. You.

Yes, you and your astonishing beverage necking capabilities. That's what eliminated these glorious reptiles from the face of the earth. Well done you. Each sip of your 'cuppa sends these triassic terrors closer to obliteration.

Thanks to this clever Disappearing Dino Mug, you can watch eons pass before your eyes over a cup of coffee. As you pour in a hot beverage these prehistoric pretties fade to fossils in a museum exhibition. Although very sad, it looks impeccably awesome.

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  • "I bought this mug for one of my grandsons who is Dinosaur cray!! He loves it and loves to see the skeletons as the mug gets hot."
    Roger Walker - 25th of January, 2016
  • "Perfect - exactly as described my 30 year old will be very pleased!!"
    Linda - 14th of December, 2015