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Dippy Egg Set
  • Dippy Egg Set

Dippy Egg Set

Boiled eggs made easy

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    Aren't boiled eggs great? Yummy yolks, nutritious whites, and you even get to smash their heads in. Yes indeed, boiled eggs really are the ultimate convenience food - assuming you've got a stove. Because as everyone knows, you can't do boiled eggs in the microwave. Or can you?

    Dippy Egg Set

    Boiley - Microwave Egg Boiler

    Well thanks to Boiley the Microwave Egg Boiler you can do eggsactly that. It might look like a comedy chicken - and it is - but this ingenious gizmo lets you boil eggs in the microwave without any splat-tastic eggsplosions. (Enough already with the eggscrutiating wordplay).

    Simply pop your egg in Boiley's base, add water to the fill line, screw on the top and bung it in the microwave. Boiley will then cook your chooky egg to perfection, just how you like it - soft, medium or hard - in 3 to 5 minutes. Eggcellent! (Oops).

    Dippy Egg Set

    Add egg and water

    Microwave for 3 minutes


    Boiley is ideal for all you hob-less egg fans and lovers of mess-free microwave cooking. Here at Firebox HQ we don't have a full-on stove but we're microwaved to the max, and that's the story in many homes and offices up and down the country. What's more, there are no pots and pans to wash up, and you can take Boiley anywhere there's a microwave. You'll be dunking your soldiers in no time.

    Speaking of soldiers, isn't it a pain cutting up the little blighters? Too fat, too thin, wonky lines, crusts off - getting it right takes longer than boiling your actual egg. And that's a shame because an egg without soldiers is like Mick minus the Stones. Or something like that.

    Dippy Egg Set

    Perfect Soldier Cutter

    Thankfully the ingenious Perfect Soldier Cutter speeds up the whole process and actually improves the dunkability of your soldiers. Simply press this handheld gizmo against your slice and watch in wonder as it creates a series of precisely placed perforations. Once the bread has been toasted your perfectly formed platoon can be torn off ready for dunking.

    Dippy Egg Set

    Dippy Egg Set

    Dippy Egg Set

    Stamp bread

    Put in toaster

    Perfect soldiers!

    Impressed? You should be, because as well as making perfect soldiers in seconds this smart device makes them stronger. How? Well, once toasted, each soldier has a sealed outer edge. Think of them as the Rambos of the eggy-bread world. If you want.

    Used in conjunction with the Boiley Microwave Egg Boiler, the Perfect Soldier Cutter makes preparing eggceedingly delicious breakfasts easy. So hurry up and shell out before we run out of bad yolks.

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