Dinosaur Bottle Opener
  • Dinosaur Bottle Opener
  • Dinosaur Bottle Opener
  • Dinosaur Bottle Opener
  • Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Dinosaur Bottle Opener

For Tricera-tops

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  • Tear into a cold one with the jaws of a pre-historic beast
  • Crafted from seriously heavy-weight cast iron
  • Stands up all by itself
  • Doubles up as a door-stop come paperweight come book-end


Fumbling with keyrings, mashing bottles against tabletops, ruining your precious teeth – struggling to prize open a beer is rarely a momentous occasion. You need the uncompromising jaws of the Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Tear into a cold one with a pre-historic beast; its arms may be pathetically short but this T-rex makes quick work of your bottle caps. A bottle opener like no other, this colossal creature is crafted from cast iron and has an incredible weight to it.

With its stylish looks and impressive heft, this is more than just a mere bottle opener. A door stop? A paper weight? A book end? A creative murder weapon?* You decide.

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8 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Chunky fun dinosaur to help you drink, amazing Christmas present"
    - 9th of January, 2019
  • "Very heavy and sturdy. Opens bottles well and looks great!"
    Rob Gilbert - 28th of June, 2018
  • "Not as big as I was expecting and a little unlevel but still a great gift"
    Hollie - 21st of May, 2018
  • "Great novelty present, has a good bit of weight to it - well recieved"
    Sinead - 14th of March, 2018
  • "He's a top quality item and a works perfectly! Solidly made and a good weight!"
    Pete - 7th of February, 2018