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Dino Night Lights
  • Dino Night Lights
  • Dino Night Lights
  • Dino Night Lights

Dino Night Lights


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  • Ambient, prehistoric night lights
  • Choose from a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops
  • Each one cycles through the colours with a gentle tap
  • Cutest jurassic period themed lights in the world
  • Totally wireless


Fill your home with the ambient glow of these tiny chubby little dinosaurs. Adorable versions of your favourite jurassic creatures, these little guys are the sweetest nightlights you’ll ever have the pleasure of switching on - and they cycle through the entire rainbow if you tap them!

As if they weren’t cute enough, they’ve even got names. Take your choice from:
  • Toby T-Rex
  • Step Stegosaurus
  • Trolley Triceratops
Turn ‘em on to to illuminate any room with a gentle, colourful ambience - the perfect vibe for all of your nocturnal adventures.

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6 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Absolutely love dinosaurs... I bought this item for my own birthday (I'm 20) and I'm so in love with it!!!"
    - 8th of June, 2020
  • "Well worth the money! "
    - 18th of May, 2020
  • "I bought this for my friend’s little boy who is crazy about dinosaurs. His birthday isn’t for a few months yet but he’s going to love it! 🦖 "
    - 20th of September, 2019
  • "I bought this light for my fiancé as an anniversary gift as his nickname for me is ‘baby dinosaur’ (don’t ask). He absolutely loves it! "
    - 25th of April, 2019
  • "It is amazing!! I bought it for my friend, she loves it! "
    - 16th of April, 2019