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Dino Lamps

Bright Bedside Beasts

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  • Light up your room with a glowing prehistoric beast
  • 100% accurate colours (no one knows what they really looked like)
  • Three sensational dinosaur breeds to choose from
  • Efficient LED bulb will probably last until the next mass extinction


A lot has changed in the last 65 million years and yet dinosaurs are still the coolest creatures to have ever roamed this Earth. Stegosaurus anyone? Incredible. The fact that scientists have decided birds are basically dinosaurs provides very little comfort, these phenomenal beasts may never return.

So while we all eagerly await the cloning technology to work its sweet magic, why not light up your living space with these Dino Lamps? Available in three of the finest breeds (T-Rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus), each of them contains an energy efficient LED bulb that'll probably last until the next mass extinction.

No one knows what colours the dinosaurs really were, nor what their flesh was made from – so as far as we're concerned, these guys had a chic origami-style exterior that came in bold, block colours (namely Orange, Green and White).

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11 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Came exactly as described. A little bigger than expected. Looks like how it does on the picture. I ordered the green dinosaur."
    Isabelle - 5th of April, 2017
  • "Beautiful lamps, well made and have a good spread of light despite the irregular shape! Plus they are badass! "
    Sarah - 30th of March, 2017
  • "Amazing! Great likeness to the picture advertised, great size and my brother loved it."
    Sarah Cooper - 3rd of January, 2017
  • "My boyfriend is now the proud owner of all 3 dinosaur lamps he loves them!!"
    Victoria - 29th of December, 2016
  • "Brilliant, looks lovely, well-earned and in perfect condition. Made a fantastic birthday present and I would like one for myself."
    Alice - 27th of December, 2016