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Digital Weather Clock

    Digital Weather Clock

    Perfect time, radiocontrolled

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      This is the odd one out of all the radio-controlled stuff in the super-secret, heavily guarded Firebox warehouse. All the others fly, burn rubber or hover, but this one just sits there in silence. But then, you wouldnÂ’t want a digital clock that is controlled by signals from a mast at MSF Rugby and has weather prediction capabilities to roar and purr like a 1/5th scale toy motorbike.

      As well as all the usual digital timepiece functions such as alarms with snooze function, day display and so on, the German-made clock also has temperature and weather sensors. It’s a pleasant 23.6° in here at the moment. And the sun symbol above the temp gauge means a nice spell is on the way. We’ve been watching the BBC Weather-style logos ever since the clock came in, and they’re more often right than not.

      One good thing about the Digital Weather Clock is that it can be wall mounted, and itÂ’s a refreshing change from standard wall clocks. Another is that it will always tell the correct time. As long as someone keeps the radio masts in order - which we believe is on the scientistsÂ’ to-do list - then youÂ’ll never be late again.

      There's a techie explanation of how the radio signal works here.

      More detail and specification