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Digital Video Memo

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    Digital Video Memo

    Magnetically attaches to your fridge

    Do you honestly think slick operators like Captain Kirk, Buck Rogers and Robocop stick scribbled messages on the fridge door? Course they don’t. They’re from the future for gawd’s sake. So don’t you think it’s time you dispensed with the sticky notes and entered the 21st century with the Digital Video Memo. It’s the ultimate fridge magnet!

    Designed with pen-dodging dummies in mind, this idiot-proof magnetic gizmo allows anyone who can press a button to record a single 30 second video message. It’s a doddle – no pens or scraps of paper required. ‘By the time you see this I’ll have eaten your Pot Noodle and finished your beers. Sorry’
    Digital Video Memo
    Digital Video Memo

    Charge via USB

    Once you’ve recorded your message a flashing LED alerts passers by. All they have to do is press the ‘play’ button – easy! Think of it as a high tech sticky note with a 1.5” LCD screen, built-in vid cam and USB rechargeable battery. Actually, don’t – it’ll make your brain ache. ‘Your dinner’s in the dog and our relationship’s in the bin. See ya!’
    Digital Video Memo

    Metal stand included

    With this nifty whatchamacallit stuck to the fridge, never again will you have to fumble around for a pen and something to write on. ‘Aha, eyeliner and grandad’s death certificate, that’ll do nicely.’ It really is ideal for memos, reminders or moments when you just can’t say it face to face. ‘Your loo won’t flush and…well, can you call a plumber?’ You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

    As well as fridges, you can stick the Digital Video Memo to filing cabinets or plop it on your desk. ‘Sorry, I won’t be in today ‘cos I’m all sniffly…hang on, Columbo’s starting.’ You can even leave a soppy ikkle message for someone special: ‘Step away from the fridge, your backside’s bigger than a beach ball.’ Or something similar. The possibilities are endless. Note to self: Buy a Digital Video Memo immediately.

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