Digital Spoon Measure
  • Digital Spoon Measure

Digital Spoon Measure

What a scoop!

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    hand holding spoon

    Easily measure out small quantities

    Take the guesswork out of all those tsps and tbsps with the Digital Spoon Measure. This high tech scoop will measure all of your powders, granules, gels and liquids up to a generous 300g (or 10.58oz).

    The two interchangeable scoops are graduated, so dishing out multiple Mls, teaspoons and tablespoons is a doddle. But it’s when you need to weigh solid objects that things get really nifty. Just scoop up your pile of powder and the digital readout in the handle will tell you the exact weight. No need for finicky scales, it’s a great piece of compact kitchen kit.

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