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Digital RC Car

    Digital RC Car

    Racer with pace in a case

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      These days remote controlled cars come in all shapes and sizes - surf around this site and you'll see exactly what we mean. But whilst big is beautiful, small is superb and miniature is marvellous, where does 'just right' fit in? Right here, that's where! Because these gorgeously engineered 1/28 scale Radio Controlled (RC) cars are just the right size for racing around the home or office. And better still, they're based on some seriously impressive supercars.

      Digital RC Cars: Lancer Evo

      Lancer Evo

      Each model of Digital RC Car is a different frequency, so you can race your mates without getting in a radio-controlled pickle. A sleek, twin-channel pistol grip controller means you can live out your driver-related fantasies without getting your hands oily, and digital proportional steering means the cars are ultra-manoeuvrable and respond to your commands quickly and precisely.

      Digital RC Cars: Dodge Viper and controller

      Dodge Viper & Controller

      But what of the actual models available? Well, for starters there's a rather macho Porsche 911, a true icon of automotive design since its debut in 1963. Next up, howsabout a Dodge Viper? This is the car that makers claim "could melt the paint on the roads and turn Main Street into a blur." We're not sure if this RC version can do that, but we can confirm that it goes like the proverbial clappers. Finally, there's the Lancer Evo, a shapely speed machine that makers Mitsubishi confess is "terrifyingly fast."

      Digital RC Cars: carrying case

      Handy carry case

      Each speed machine is ready to race (once you've inserted 6 x AA batteries) and comes in a transparent briefcase-style presentation box. Whichever car you choose, we guarantee you'll be unable to look at it without taking it for a quick spin. In fact, why not get all three. Then your other car really will be a Porsche. Or a Viper, or an Evo. So come on, put the pedal to the metal (well, the mouse to the mat) and get ordering!

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