Digital Photo Keychain
  • Digital Photo Keychain

Digital Photo Keychain

Pocket-size picture show

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    The LCD screen

    1.5" LCD screen

    Photo-bearing key fobs are great for keeping snaps of your nearest and dearest, er, near and dear. But gawping at the same photo every time you pull out your keys can be mighty tedious. Enter the Digital Photo Keychain.

    This ultra slim USB-friendly gizmo lets you drag and drop photos straight from your PC or Mac, displaying them on its 1.5” LCD screen. It’s a fantastic pressie for loved ones. Think of it as a post millennial version of the mix tape, only this time you’re loading up precious pictures, not cruddy Kajagoogoo tracks.

    Full image of the Tao Digital Photo Keychain showing ketyring section

    Fantastic keychain!

    Fill it with baby pics for mum, pussycat pics for nan or Mrs Mangel off Neighbours pics for unemployed siblings. The possibilities are endless. And you can store up to 100 photos, toggle through favourites and even watch a slideshow, from ten seconds to three minutes. Brilliant!

    The buttons on the back

    Buttons on the back

    Yes, you’ve probably got a pile of pics on your phone, and you’ve definitely got some on your camera, but it’s not the same as having them on this handy collision of tech and trinketry. After all, who can be bothered dragging a camera around to show off their latest photos? Besides, this dinky device allows you to switcheroo snaps to suit the scenario (and the loved one you happen to be meeting at the time).

    The colours available...

    All the different colours available





    New: Pink

    You won’t have to worry about juice because an internal lithium battery automatically recharges the Tao via USB. And thanks to its idiot-proof software you can crop photos to fit the screen.

    Too cool to spend all day stuffed in your pocket, the super-sleek Tao Digital Photo Keychain comes with a lanyard so you can hang it wherever you fancy (no giggling at the back). Unless you’re some kind of Luddite technophobe we honestly can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want one of these nifty little gizmos right now. So get ordering – it’s a snap!

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