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Digital Photo Frame
  • Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

You've been framed

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    Digital Photo Frame

    7" Digital Photo Frame

    One of these days you'll look back and laugh at the framed photos currently adorning your home and office. Not because of the highlights in your mullet in that one on the sideboard, but because changing the photo inside involves pulling the frame to pieces, digging out a new pic and…well, you know the drill.

    Indeed futurologists here at Firebox tell us that old-style photo frames are destined for the scrap heap. The future of frames is digital. But why wait until everyone's wearing identical white jumpsuits to go digital when you can order a Digital Photo Frame right now.

    Digital photo frame

    Takes SD cards

    Crammed with hi-tech digital jiggery-pokery, these ingenious frames allow you to showcase your piccies in seconds. Simply insert a memory card in one of the slots behind the frame and select the photo(s) you want displayed. It's easier than drawing a moustache on a photo of your ex.

    You can also view your piccies via an automatic slideshow with multiple transition effects and adjustable screen time for each shot.

    Digital photo frame

    3.5" model perfect portability or desktop

    Digital Photo Frames are ideal for all you indecisive types : a family shot when the folks are visiting, a romantic shot when it's just you and your partner, a different romantic shot when it's you and another partner. The possibilities are endless.

    Digital Photo Frame

    7" also available in pink

    Each Digital Photo Frame supports image files up to 12 mega pixels and is compatible with loads of different memory cards and file formats. In fact, there's not much these miraculous gizmos can't do, except order themselves. So get in the frame and hit Add to Cart.

    Digital photo frame

    L-R: 7" and 3.5" model

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