Digital Measuring Jug and Scales
  • Digital Measuring Jug and Scales

Digital Measuring Jug and Scales

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    Digital display in handle

    Clear LCD display measures in both metric and imperial units

    Chucking a load of ingredients into a pan can yield some spectacular results, but sometimes you need to accurately measure what goes into your recipes. Trouble is, fishing out your old-school weighing scales can be a right faff, especially when you could measure both liquids and solids with the ingenious two-piece Digital Measuring Jug and Scales.

    This clever one-litre measuring jug has digital scales in its base, saving you time and sanity in the kitchen. And to make life easier the whole thing comes apart, so you can quickly rinse the clear plastic jug, or pop it in the dishwasher.

    filling scales with flour

    Measure liquids and solids together with the add-and-weigh function

    The clever add-and-weigh function will measure all the liquids necessary for a recipe (water, milk, oil) and go straight onto solids (flour, sugar, breadcrumbs) without throwing a Gordon. Building up and mixing different ingredients has never been easier.

    You needn’t worry about complex sums either, because the Maxim’s LCD display shows weight and volume in both metric and imperial units. In fact, if recipes go wrong using this baby the only person to blame will be the bazillionaire saucepan botherer who wrote them. Yes, chef!

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