Digital Harinezumi 2++
  • Digital Harinezumi 2++

Digital Harinezumi 2++

Shoot in Super 8 style

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    Flying in the face of High Definition and sharp focus, the deliberately low-tech Digital Harinezumi 2++ rekindles a bygone era of moviemaking. Although it is a digital video camera, recording 640x480 video onto a micro SD card – this pocketsized wonder perfectly reproduces the blurry, grainy quality and rich, warm tones of old-school Super 8 film.

    Using the camera

    Point and shoot

    Macro button

    Macro button on the bottom

    footage example title=

    Shoots footage like Super 8 film!

    Unlike previous models, the 2++ features a microphone and optional monochrome mode, to enhance the 70’ feel of your movies. At 9cm x 3cm x 3.5cm it even acts as a handy guide for how large your moustache should be.

    Example photos...

    Person on holiday

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