Digital Camera Mask
  • Digital Camera Mask

Digital Camera Mask

Sub-aquatic snapper

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    If man was meant to take photos underwater he would have been fitted with shutters not eyelids. That's why the techno gods created waterproof cameras. Trouble is, swimming underwater is challenging enough without having to carry a camera in one hand, or worse still, stuff one down your cossie. So three watery cheers for the Digital Camera Mask.

    Digital Camera Mask

    Who knows what you'll find down there!

    Digital Camera Mask

    You can even shoot video!

    As you can see, this ingenious hi-tech diving mask doubles up as a high quality 5 mega pixel digital camera, so you can snap away at whatever swims your way without faffing around for a separate gizmo. How cool is that! If it wasn't bright yellow we could see 007 wearing one on his next mission.

    Digital Camera Mask

    USB port and Micro SD
    Card slot

    Waterproof up to 5 metres the Digital Camera Mask is ideal for all you fish fans, divers and snorkellers. It's also great for taking infantile 'trunks pulled down' shots in the pool. There's even a video mode so you can film all your sub-aquatic shenanigans.

    You needn't worry about accidentally chopping off oncoming dorsal fins because the built-in tempered-glass viewfinder has a set of nifty crosshairs, so you can hone in on your target before snapping (and swimming) away.

    Digital Camera Mask

    Easy to operate

    Battery compartment

    LCD Screen to keep count

    Whether you're a mermaid hunter, SpongeBob stalker, pool party paparazzo or Jacques Cousteau wannabe (ask your dad), taking hundreds of underwater piccies is easy because there's even a built-in micro SD card slot. And don't worry about uploading pics to your PC because the Digital Camera Mask is USB friendly.

    Digital Camera Mask

    The 5 Mega Pixel camera gives you amazing photos!

    Just think, wearing this revolutionary mask/camera will enable you to take pics and shoot vids without having to carry additional gear. Better still you'll look like some kind of tech-savvy marine biologist. Lose the flowery dental floss thong and you might even resemble a proper underwater cameraman. Splosh!
    Digital Camera Mask

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