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    Another Quirky product
    Most miniature camera tripods are about as interesting as…er, miniature camera tripods. So given the choice wouldn’t you prefer one disguised as a quirky art toy? Well today is your lucky day because DigiDudes are exactly that.

    Socially developed by our idea-hugging compadres at Quirky.com, DigiDudes are funky little keyring-friendly camera mounts oozing with attitude. Simply unscrew their wacky heads, pull out their adjustable legs and Testino’s your uncle.

    DigiDudes DigiDudes DigiDudes

    Handily attached to bag

    Pull open

    Screw in camera

    Just think, armed with a DigiDude you can give blurry pics the finger, say yah boo sucks to cumbersome tripods and forget about shaky mitts. It’s like having a pocket-sized photographic assistant at your beck and call 24/7 (albeit a rather daft looking one who won’t fetch coffee or stuff croissants in your cakehole as you snap away).


    Four Varieties: [L-R] Snot Buster, 1iChomp, BoltBot and Pinky Scorsese

    Perfect for impromptu self portraits, group shots and any other snap requiring a steadying hand, DigiDudes are available in four varieties: Snot Buster, 1iChomp, BoltBot and Pinky Scorsese. And with names like that, how can you possibly resist? Cheeeese!

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