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A new way forward

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    As seen on Something for the Weekend When it comes to kiddie cars, pedal power isn’t the only way forward. Because we’ve seen the future – and it’s packed with wiggle-powered Didicars*. Okay, we haven’t actually seen the future, fat bloke off Heroes-style, but we have seen these incredible little playthings in action and they’re brilliant. More importantly, kids (and infantile adults) love ‘em.

    wiggling the steering wheel

    Wiggle left and right to move!

    Triumphs of fun over physics, Didicars are 100% kid powered. But unlike the vast majority of kiddie vehicles, these stylish Jetson-esque contraptions don’t rely on pedal power. Kids only have to wiggle the steering wheel left and right to propel the Didicar forwards. And that’s just as well because most youngsters get bored with pedalling before you can say ‘But this cost mummy and daddy a fortune, you little…’

    How to ride

    Still a bit confused? Watch a short demo video

    We’re not entirely sure how Didicars work but we’re reliably informed it’s got something to do with downward force being transformed into forward motion. But who cares about boring science stuff? Not your average three-year-old, that’s for sure.

    Showing the foot grips

    The foot grip!

    Ideal for use on flat surfaces, both indoors and outside, the Didicar is even capable of travelling backwards – simply flip the wheel 180° and get wiggling. Kids can even make it go faster by leaning slightly forward over the steering wheel and using their upper body when wiggling. We’ve had ours up to 6mph – and considering the average speed of traffic in most big cities, that’s pretty good going. If only they were road legal…

    The Didicar from above

    View from above

    Showing the colours available: Blue and Red

    Available in Blue and Red

    We think Didicars are destined to become as popular as mini-scooters. And with no batteries, pedals or greasy chains the only thing you need to add is a kid – although that hasn’t stopped half the staff in our office messing around on them. So hurry up and get ordering ‘cos we feel a craze a coming. Last one to the ice cream van smells of poo!

    *In case you’re wondering, Didicars are named after a Chinese piglet. Don’t ask.

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