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Dick Match

A game of two shafts

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Dick Match
Love it as much as we do?
  • Like snap, only with dicks ('Dick Snap!' just didn't sound right)
  • 24 pairs of exquisitely illustrated cocks on cardboard tiles
  • Use your head, pair up the penises, win the game
  • (Unsurprisingly) From the makers of "Drunk, Stoned or Stupid"
They say that no two penises are exactly alike, that is – until you play Dick Match.

This phallic version of snap turns the timeless fun of playing with dicks into a classic memory matching game. With 24 pairs of exquisitely illustrated genitalia, there's something for everybody – from the humble 'piglet' to the mighty 'sledgehammer'.

Dick Match is the perfect game to whip out at parties – it's not hard to play, you might get beaten a couple of times but just try not to rise to it.

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  • "great gift for my wife's co-worker."
    Rodrick - 6th of November, 2017