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Let the Good Times Roll

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  • Put fate back into the players hands
  • Bring much-needed human interaction to electronic board games
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth devices
  • Battery lasts for an impressive 20 hours


Board games are now being played on all sorts of devices, but they are undoubtedly missing one crucial ingredient.

Brought back from the future to usher in a new age of interactive digital board gaming, the DICE+ laughs in the spotty face of today’s weary plastic die. LED back-lighting, an accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 hours, this revolutionary rubberised cube is absolutely crammed full of impressive technology. It's even got a handy anti-cheating algorithm to prevent any of those dubious "Oh no it's fallen down the...got it...ANOTHER 6!" moments.

But what's it all for? (We hear you ask). Well, it’s hard to get excited about passing around a tablet, coldly pressing at the screen to determine your fate; but everyone can relate to the giddy thrill of maniacally rattling a dice above their head. Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, DICE+ is here to put control back into the players' hands and bring family and friends together – the way games are meant to be played.

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