Diary Shower Curtain
  • Diary Shower Curtain

Diary Shower Curtain

Next Friday? Just let me check my shower curtain

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    Diary Shower Curtain

    Remember those important dates?

    Picture the scene: you're in the shower soaping your bits when you suddenly remember something really important: a date that needs recalling, a note that needs jotting down - whatever. Faced with scrawling a message on a steamed-up mirror or tying a knot in the old loofah, most of us would sooner get out of the shower. And that's why the ingenious Diary Shower Curtain is so handy.

    Diary Shower Curtain

    Who's going to stop you
    from doodling!

    The clue's in the name because this quality shower curtain doubles up as a diary. Just like its papery counterpart the Diary Shower Curtain has a space for every day of the year, but unlike a regular diary you're unlikely to lose it down the sofa or leave it in the pub - unless you decide to wear it as a cape, Alan Partridge-style. You even get a special waterproof marker so you can fill the 'pages' with reminders, birthdays, anniversaries and mental, sorry, dental check-ups.

    Diary Shower Curtain

    Waterproof black pen

    We realise this is a mad concept but clinical tests here at laboratoire Firebox show the brain is at its most active when it's being pounded by hot water and assaulted by soapy fragrance. Okay, we made that up, but there is definitely something about showering, particularly in the morning, that seems to invigorate the old noodle. Indeed the Diary Shower Curtain serves as a constant reminder of...erm, we forget.

    Shower Curtain Layout:

    Diary Shower Curtain

    You have no reason to forget anything through out the year!

    Diary Shower Curtain

    Fits nicely in the shower!

    As well as its smart, utilitarian good looks, the Diary Shower Curtain is a welcome change from all those dull transparent curtains and arty-farty silvery affairs popular amongst design-conscious lather louts. What's more, it really is an effective way of remembering stuff; how many times have you thought 'I must remember that when I get out of the shower,' only to completely forget about it? Never? Oh, okay.

    Diary Shower Curtain

    Comes with 12 plastic
    curtain rings

    Even if you're not into diaries there really is something highly amusing about scribbling down dates and planning your week whilst wet, soapy and starkers. If you don't believe us, order a Diary Shower Curtain and see for yourself.

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