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Devil's Jump
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Devil's Jump

Bridges? We don't need no stinkin' bridges!

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    Back in the 70s and 80s, stunt-riddled car chases were all the rage. From Smokey and the Bandit to The Dukes of Hazzard, ludicrously reckless, 'yee-haw!' driving was de rigueur in practically every US movie and TV show.

    Devil's Jump Most of it was pretty far-fetched, but wannabe stunt drivers lapped it up faster than a Trans Am slurps four star. And what about those stunts? There was the old smashing into a pile of cardboard boxes trick, the 180° reverse-to-forward manoeuvre and our own personal favourite, the leap over a yawning chasm stunt. Indeed, no screen chase was complete without a 'But you must be crazy! The bridge is out!' moment. There's something particularly satisfying about watching a four-wheeled metal monster soaring through the air and landing without as much as a scratch.

    Devil's Jump Maybe that's why Devil's Jump grabbed our attention. After all, we've seen stacks of slot racing systems in our time. The difference with this particular figure-of-eight set up is the blimmin' great overhead jump section. Believe it or not, the two cars in Devil's Jump will leap over this busted bridge (that's how we like to think of it) and continue racing in their little slots, circuit after exhilarating circuit.

    Devil's Jump You control the action via nifty plunger-style controllers, and the whole compact shebang is powered by batteries, so you can pack it up and take it anywhere - home, office, wherever. Despite its pocket-friendly price tag, Devil's Jump doesn't scrimp on features - there's a smart lap-counter and sturdy barriers prevent racers from careering off corners. What's more, each brutish-looking little car features working headlights, so you can race in the dark.

    Devil's Jump Devil's Jump is no miniature Monaco, but for a quick and convenient, stunt-filled racing fix it can't be beaten. Set up and tear down is a doddle, and it's perfect for parties. In fact we guarantee you'll be unable to resist whoopin' an' a hollerin' in a rubbish American accent every time your car leaps across the void. Waahoo!

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