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Deus Champagne Beer Gift Set
  • Deus Champagne Beer Gift Set

Deus Champagne Beer Gift Set

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    Mixing beer and champagne is usually a recipe for disaster (they said, trying to forget that shameful incident with the letter box and the kebab). But thanks to the Deus Champagne Beer Gift Set it’s a revolutionary taste sensation. What’s more, this bottle of beery bubbly even comes with a pair of champagne flutes, making it the perfect gift for the sophisticated beer drinker in your life.

    This potent yet elegant brew is matured in the Champagne region of France where it undergoes a similar fermentation process to bubbly. Once bottled it’s left in a cellar to age for nine months at 12C and is even tilted and rotated, champers-style, before its poptastic cork is inserted. Best of all it tastes amazing in a hoppy, fizzy way – think Dom Perignon meets Duvel. Mmm…beer…with champagne. Hic!

    Speaking of beer, at an almighty 11.5% Deus is not intended to be glugged like lager. It’s more of an aperitif, refined and restrained but with a touch of fizz and a powerful kick in the tail that demands respect. Now where did we put that traffic cone?

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