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Despair T-shirt
  • Despair T-shirt

Despair T-shirt

Why the long face?

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    Upbeat T-shirts are all well and good but the fact is life sucks. So why walk around with a chestful of cheery messages and 'I'm mad, I am!' maxims when you can wear a gloriously pessimistic Despair T-Shirt?

    Made by our good friends at Despair Inc., creators of the soul-crushingly depressing Demotivators range of products, each high-quality shirt bears an ingeniously cynical image that is as sublime as it is devastating.

    Despair T-Shirts

    NEW! - "More people have read this shirt than your blog."

    Fed up with the plethora of blogs on the internet these days? I know we are. The day in the life of a pet caterpillar really doesn't deserve a blog. Put it to the public with this striking t-shirt to really show them.

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