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Despair Posters
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Despair Posters

Don't despair. Oh okay then, do!

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    The last posters we bought were of a tennis player scratching her botty and a bunch of dogs playing poker. Indeed, buying posters for your home or office is a bit passé these days, isn't it? Well no, not if they're Despair Posters.

    Created by our chronically cynical friends at Despair Inc., these hilariously sceptical, wonderfully witty lithographs (that's posh speak for posters) are adorned with five utterly demotivating designs accompanied by brilliantly demoralising words of wisdom. In fact, they're the perfect antidote to all the optimistic, thigh-slapping drivel currently doing the rounds. Click here to see all five designs.

    Despair Posters Ideal for perennial pessimists, underachievers and the unceasingly unsuccessful, each 24"x30" poster is printed on heavyweight, premium paper stock, and is just the thing to display wherever motivation might raise its foolishly jovial head. After all, there's no point plastering your walls with David Brent-style axioms if you don't believe that simple solutions can cure complex problems.

    Despite their relentlessly sarky tone, the accompanying photography on each Despair Poster is beautifully shot and incredibly eye-catching; in fact you could be mistaken for thinking the posters carried genuinely upbeat messages. Thankfully, just like real life, you'll be pleasantly disappointed.

    Great for grouches and malevolent wits, Despair Posters also make brilliant gifts for upbeat dimwits because they'll encourage them to keep speculative opinions to themselves by reminding them that life really does suck. Praise be, there is a cure for hope - and its name is the Despair Poster!

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