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Desktop Warfare Kits
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Desktop Warfare Kits

That's not a catapult. THIS is a catapult!

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    Desktop Trebuchet


    Those ancient types sure knew a thing or two about nasty weaponry. Battering rams, flails, walloping great battle axes; even today the thought of squaring up to one of these deadly bits of hardware is enough to make you wince. But for real ouch-that-hurts flinging power, history tells us that the mighty Trebuchet, Ballista and Catapult were in a class of their own.

    Desktop Trebuchet


    So thank goodness these awesome projectile-chuckers are making a comeback in the form of our delightfully vindictive Desktop Warfare Kits. As you may have surmised, these build-em-yourself wooden weapons are not quite as devastating as their full-sized counterparts, but they're considerably more amusing as they can be used to fling soggy bits of squished-up tissue and other office detritus at annoying colleagues. Also, each smart masterpiece looks totally innocuous sitting by your computer - perfect for sneak attacks.

    Desktop Trebuchet

    NEW Catapult

    Best of all you get to assemble your weapon of mass distraction, which makes scoring a direct hit even more satisfying. Consisting of various pre-cut, pre-drilled wooden components, slings, strings and other quality things, Desktop Warfare Kits are beautifully engineered scale models of genuine weapons used by ancient thugs in times gone by. Not that you'll be worrying about historical accuracy when you're preparing to unleash hell (well a few bits of chewing gum) on an unsuspecting workmate.

    Desktop Warfare

    Desktop Trebuchet

    If you build it, they will run

    Although they are blasts from the past, Desktop Warfare Kits are infinitely more effective than flipping gum with a ruler or boinging rubber bands at the boss. And in the infantile but never-ending intra-office arms race, effective weaponry is everything. So what are you waiting for? At our signal, hit Buy. Thou knoweth it maketh sense!
    Desktop Trebuchet

    Some assembly required

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