Desktop Space Coaster
  • Desktop Space Coaster

Desktop Space Coaster

Hold onto your marbles!

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    Follow the instructions and build the coaster

    Follow the step by step guide to help you build the Space Coaster!

    Life can be pretty dull for a marble. Spending its whole life jangling about in a bag, occasionally taken out, just to be lobbed at its friends... there’s not much in the way of excitement. With this in mind, you can imagine the look on their shiny little faces as they whizz at white-knuckle speed around the Desktop Space Coaster.

    Brilliant for kids and grown-ups alike, this flat-packed build-it-yourself rollercoaster kit contains everything you need to send the supplied steel marbles on the ride of their lives. With a loop-the-loop, gravity-defying bends and a motorised spiral elevator to carry the marbles back to the top of the track, the fun just runs and runs!

    watch the balls whizz around the coaster for hours

    The balls will continue to go round and round the Space Coaster until the battery runs out!

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