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Desktop Rover

    Desktop Rover

    An unstoppable, hi-tech tank that fires lasers. Tanks a lot.

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      Seek out strange new worlds and boldly go where no mini tank has gone before with the amazing Desktop Rover. This 4" lunk of fun is ideal for irritating friends, pets and workmates alike. Simply grab the funky, palm-sized remote control, put our futuristic friend on a colleague's desk and then proceed to wreak remote-controlled havoc as Desktop Rover clambers effortlessly over paperwork, keyboards, mouse mats and phones. Even better, hit the central control switch on your remote and Desktop Rover will emit a laser beam accompanied by a sound that's guaranteed to grate on even the most placid of workmates.

      The real fun begins when there are more than one Desktop Rovers in town. That's because with the different frequencies available, you'll be able to enjoy endless infrared laser tag battles with up to three other opponents. The front of each tank has an opening where an invisible laser beam 'fires' to the accompaniment of a shrill squeal. 'Hit' an opponent and their Desktop Rover will immediately sound its penetrating siren whilst an LED indicator flashes. And battles needn't be of the close-quarters variety; each Desktop Rover has a range of about 15ft, so theoretically you could cause someone to spill coffee all over the photocopier from the distant comfort of your desk.

      Just like a real tank, each of Desktop Rover's caterpillar tracks runs independently, so it really can turn on a dime - great for dodging incoming fire and avoiding the ignominy of toppling off the table.

      Because of its amazing torque and traction, the makers of Desktop Rover liken it to a lunar vehicle, and claim it was inspired by NASA's planetary exploration. We're not sure about that, but it certainly doubles the fun if you pretend those scrunched up balls of paper by the bin are mighty moon boulders. Especially when Desktop Rover effortlessly pushes them aside and sounds its siren. We've got a life Jim, but not as we know it!

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