Desktop Mini Racers

    Desktop Mini Racers

    This is the self-preservation society

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      Anyone who's ever played with a slot racing set will tell you what enormous fun they are. The skill required to successfully complete a circuit without flying off the track is considerable. And there's something profoundly satisfying about a slot race victory with which today's graphically gobsmacking computer racing games just can't compete.

      But how do you get your slot racing fix without having to ferret around in the loft for your ginormous but undoubtedly incomplete childhood set? Easy – you purchase the incredible Desktop Mini Racing Set. This ultra-compact, take anywhere, battery operated figure of eight can be assembled in minutes, and contains everything you need to begin racing. Best of all it features a pair of 60s-style Mini Coopers, so you can live out your Italian Job crime caper fantasies without leaving your desk.

      You can almost hear the opening bars of "This is the Self Preservation Society" ringing in your ears as these realistic little cars whiz round the circuit with headlights blazing. Thankfully, they're not weighed down with stolen gold bullion so they really do shift, and the guard rails hugging each corner ensure you won't face any desk/cliffhanging-style shenanigans à la Big William and the boys.

      Quite what Camp Freddie, Professor Peach or Mr Bridger would make of this fantastic racing set is anyone's guess, but we like to think they'd be impressed by the nifty trigger style hand controllers and the single battery box that powers the whole shebang.

      Desktop Mini Racing is amazingly portable and doubles up as a great lunchtime stress reliever at work. And because it's battery operated you can also enjoy outdoor races and take it along to picnics and BBQs. Altogether now: "You were only supposed to blowÂ…"

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