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Desktop LED Christmas Tree

    Desktop LED Christmas Tree

    Nordic 9 volter

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      Desktop LED Christmas Tree

      Can I hear you
      singing jingle bells?

      Christmas trees are a right pain in the baubles, aren't they? Falling needles, tacky tinsel, dodgy lights - and that's after you've destroyed half the house lugging the enormous great things indoors. No, what you need is something smaller. Much smaller. So say season's greetings to the Desktop LED Christmas Tree.

      Desktop LED Christmas Tree

      Made out of circuit boards!

      This titchy tree stands a mere 4" tall, so it's perfect for adding a touch of festive cheer to your desk. Better still it will appeal to all you geeks out there as its 'branches' resemble bits of circuit board and its base is a regular 9V battery. But why use a battery instead of a log or bucket, we hear you ask in panto-style unison. Because the battery doubles up as a power source for the 16 flashing LEDs festooned across the tree. Oh yes it does!

      Desktop LED Christmas Tree

      Small and easy to set up!

      Okay, so you're probably not going to replace your full size Christmas tree with this smart little gizmo (unless you're feeling particularly bah humbug) but the Desktop LED Christmas Tree still makes a great office companion. And it's certainly a lot neater than dotting your desk with cotton wool 'snow' and naff glitter - or are we the only dolts that do that?

      Desktop LED Christmas Tree

      Blings up your desk
      Christmas style!

      Stick this nifty tree in your home and at least you won't have to spend the twelve days of Christmas swearing at faulty fairy lights. And if you do decide to push the sleigh out decoration-wise, it's so small and light you can hang it from a full-size Christmas tree. (There's an innuendo-laden big/small festive witticism in there somewhere but we can't think what it is).

      Whether you're a fan of pared-down decorations or you simply want to brighten up your desk without going down the cheese-o-rama route, the Desktop LED Christmas Tree is ideal. We'll even throw in the battery. So get ordering - 'tis the season to be geeky!

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