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Design Your Own Fragrance Kit
  • Design Your Own Fragrance Kit

Design Your Own Fragrance Kit

Makes perfect scents

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    Why should celebs be the only ones who get to design their own fragrances? Besides, who wants to smell like Mariah Carey, Calum Best (yes, really) or Celine Dion? Not us. That’s why we’re loving the Design Your Own Fragrance Kit.

    As if you hadn’t guessed, this fabulous gift set allows you to create your very own unique fragrances. It’s just like being a professional perfumer, only you won’t have to adopt a comedy French accent or deal with bozo Apprentice candidates in order to produce olfactory compositions of the highest order.

    Step 1   Step 2   Step 3

    Dip the blotters into their
    corresponding bottles


    Fan different combination's under your nose to decide which ones to mix


    Use the pipettes to mix them into the Spray Bottle

    Using the Spray Bottle

    Enjoy your new fragrance!

    Each kit contains six exquisite 5ml blends, which can be combined to create a totally unique fragrance. You also get a smart purse sized atomiser to dispense your personalised scent. Ah, the smell of it! Best of all, the entire creative process is as fascinating as it is fun. Seductive or invigorating? You decide.

    Simply dip the blotters into the blend bottles and give them a sniff. Once you’ve selected two you like, make a fan with the blotters and waft them around. This changes the aroma dramatically and gives you an idea of the scent that would be created if you combined both blends.

    Try several combinations, adding and removing blotters as you go. Once you’ve chosen your favourites, calculate how many millimetres of each blend you require to fill the 20ml atomiser. You can even make up a name for your new concoction. ‘Zis is Amour No.4 by Firebox.’ You get the idea.

    Gift Box contents

    Comes with: atomiser bottle, 2 pippettes, 6 perfume blotters, 6 Fragrance blends and a step-by-step guide

    The high quality blends contained within each set have been carefully selected to complement each other perfectly, no matter which ones you put together and what quantities you use. So, unless you’ve got a PhD in bio-stupidity, the chances of recreating ‘Mwah!’ by Chanelle off Big Brother are minimal. What are you waiting for? You know it makes scents.

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