Don't forget your face mask!
Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Brushing up on your hygiene

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  • Beautifully printed and available framed or unframed
  • Even superheroes can get cavities
  • Don't forget those hard to reach places
  • Printed on high quality poster paper


Sure, I have ultra-sophisticated crime fighting equipment and I was trained by an ancient ninja clan, so when it comes to taking care of my teeth, I don’t mess around. Brush twice a day, and always be sure to floss.

French fanboy Gregoire Guillemin has produced these awesome Secret Life of Superheroes prints; letting us look beyond the mask and superpowers to see our heroes in all their (super)humanity.

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  • "Will look great in my new bathroom! Excellent service by an excellent company."
    Joshua - 11th of July, 2016
  • "Everyone needs to be reminded that poor dental health is not a joke. Even Batman."
    Alanna - 27th of May, 2015