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Living in a Denster’s paradise

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  • The easiest/only way to build a den that doesn’t cave in after two seconds
  • Flexible toy monsters that help you create a magical hideaway
  • Each monster doubles as a handy household thing
  • Hook for a blanket or a doorstop? Both!
  • Finally, something to get your kid off that damn iPad


The childhood joy of creating a secret den was always thwarted by its survival time. The complex web of blankets and cushions would collapse like an amateur’s souffle within seconds. It was demotivating, dehumanising even. Certainly didn’t inspire further creative play, that’s for sure.

With the help of these six different monster friends, we could have built whole kingdoms from blankets, cushions, furniture, cardboard, or any other material mum would let us mess about with. Thankfully someone invented these so our kids won’t have the same problems we fossils had back in the day. Lucky sods.

Basically, each monster is a clip - but they all attach to different things, allowing you to engineer the wildest fabric-based architecture you can dream up, previously impossible with the old fashioned method of… nothing at all.

When they’re not being used to create epic forts and ingenious hideaways, these multifunctional mates double as handy household kit and fun toys to play with in their own right. Plus, they’re tough as they come, pretty much unbreakable.

Give your child the gift of hours of screenless creative fun, no WiFi connection required - or rediscover the joy of assembling a cosy den and hide away in it for hours to binge on Netflix. We won’t tell anyone.

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2 Reviews

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  • "These pegs are great! I can't wait to start making some dens with my neice. Such a brilliant prduct"
    Lindsey - 17th of October, 2018
  • "Loved the packet of haribos too!"
    Eleanor - 3rd of October, 2018