Deluxe Poker Chips (London Lite Offer)

    Deluxe Poker Chips (London Lite Offer)

    Las Vegas in your living room

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      The success of Channel 5's compulsive World Open,The Poker Channel on satellite,and a greater-then-usual popular fondness for the clothes, music and lifestyle associated with vintage Las Vegas are responsible for one genuinely great thing - the rebirth of poker. One of the world's great games, poker can be played for high stakes or sheer enjoyment. However the game is played, these felt-lined aluminium cases are ideal as they contain the very best poker essentials.

      Deluxe Poker Chips The set contains 500 Top quality 11.5g casino weight poker chips, five numbered dice and 2 decks of 300g paper playing cards. The set contains 5 different coloured chips, to which you can assign your own denominations (the chips are blank).

      Equally important in a successful game as the right kit, a box of Cubans and a pile of cash is a working poker knowledge. There are numerous variations of the game of poker, but the ranking of hands is pretty much a given across all the game types. They are (from highest to lowest):

      • Straight Flush - five consecutive cards of the same suit
      • Four of a Kind - four cards of the same value
      • Full House - three cards of the same value and two of another
      • Flush - five non-consecutive cards of the same suit
      • Straight - five consecutive cards not of the same suit
      • Three of a Kind - three cards of the same value
      • Two Pairs - two cards of the same value, plus two of another
      • One Pair - two cards of the same value
      • Highest Card - no pairs
      Learn these, develop a poker face and a ruthless streak, and you'll recoup the cost of this fantastic set in no time.

      Deluxe Poker Chips

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