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Deluxe Bar Fridge - 25% off!

      Deluxe Bar Fridge - 25% off!

      The 20-litre daddy of mini fridges

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        Just when you thought your range of hi-tech loafing accessories was complete, along comes the gloriously stylish Deluxe Bar Fridge. This is without doubt the daddy of portable mini fridges, and no self-respecting sybarite's home is complete without one.

        In fact, the difference really is clear, as the Deluxe Bar Fridge boasts a sexy transparent door that allows you to check out your goodies without even opening the darn thing. Perfect for those time-consuming "Have I or haven't I got another?" dilemmas that always seem to dog pivotal televisual moments.

        integrated handle

        With its generous 20-litre capacity, the Deluxe Bar Fridge is big enough to keep your cold ones cold and small enough to move from office to den to couch-side without putting your back out.

        But above and beyond its astounding portability, the function that really freezes our lollies is the hi-tech LED temperature display.


        As well as giving you a constant indication of the temperature of your drinks, it gives the Deluxe Bar Fridge a plush, ultramodern look that will grace any room, especially a darkened one.

        side view

        Thanks to a provided cigarette lighter adapter, you can also use your Deluxe Bar Fridge on road trips and picnics by plugging it into your dashboard. And if that's not enough you can even use the Deluxe Bar Fridge to perform the reverse - it'll even warm your pies/chips/takeaway nicely to 65° C. Just make sure you take the cans out before you heat your dinner up.

        With its sturdy industrial-chic design, integral carrying handle and cooling or heating option, the Deluxe Bar Fridge is the portable fridge of the future and a must-have item for lollie lovers, beer buffs, alcohol aficionados and fizzy pop fans everywhere!

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