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Decantus Wine Aerator
  • Decantus Wine Aerator

Decantus Wine Aerator

Wine without the wait

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    Decantus Wine Aerator

    The Decantus in its stand

    Can you really be bothered waiting for wine to breathe? Probably not, so you don’t. And that’s a shame because aerating wine, particularly tannic red varieties, releases all those lovely aromas, improving overall flavour, aroma and palate impression. Mmm…palate impression.

    For this reason, some clever bod has invented Decantus, a miraculous by-the-glass aerator that instantly oxygenates vino straight from the bottle. Simply hold this stylish, amphora-like device over your glass and pour.

    As the wine flows through two internal diagonal tubes, the reduced pressure of the fluid draws air into the top reservoir bowl whilst a vertical planer prevents whirlpooling. Hey presto, instantly aerated wine. You can actually hear it working as the wine hisses into your waiting glass. Get your laughing gear round that!

    Apparently this scientific process is known as the Bernoulli Effect. No, us neither. We looked it up on the interweb but it was so dull we got sidetracked and ended up reading about Basil Brush. We digress. The point is Decantus works a treat, giving smoother aeration than any other product on the market. Simple as.

    Decantus Wine Aerator

    The Bernoulli Effect in action

    Wine journos have been going gaga over Decantus, and once you experience it in action you’ll understand why. Do a quick ‘before and after’ comparison and we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the improvement. As well as its amazing functionality, Decantus is also a triumph of form: sinuous and curvaceous it will complement any scenario. You even get a velvet storage pouch and stand.

    The ideal gift for any wine loving gadgeteer, Decantus is set to become a dinner party essential. Because as well as speeding up proceedings, it will give you the opportunity to impress guests with your extensive knowledge of the Bernoulli Effect. Or Basil Brush. Boom boom!

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